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December 7, 2009

What I’d Like for Christmas

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  • 1.  David Tennant reciting this to me personally:


“Love Poem” by Michael Leunig

“I search and search and find no dorks,

I search the whole world through.

But not a single dork I find

Except for the dork in you.

I can recall when dorks roamed free;

As free as the sky was blue.

But now the dorks are cool and hip

Except for the dork in you.


I search and search and find no dorks

And everything’s groovy and new

But not very loving or not very kind

Except for the dork in you”


  • 2. Radiohead singing ‘Reckoner’
  • 3. Matthew Macfadyen reciting ‘Ode To a Nightingale’


  • 4. Tim Minchin singing ‘Christmas Song.

(note – they all have to be in the my house)

  • 5. World peace , of course. Doesn’t everyone?  Oh.  Maybe not.

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