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December 14, 2013

On Swimming with the Dolphins

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What an absolutely beautiful morning on the beach for the first day of the school Christmas Holidays.  The sea was calm, the air was still and the water refreshingly cool but not cold.  I almost went for a swim!  

Mr KW romped in and performed his famous back-float, his toes emerging from the ripples occasionally as he drifted majestically towards the Port of Brisbane.  It was then I noticed a small pod of dolphins frisking through the water.  Mr KW had finally gone New Age and was swimming with the dolphins!  What a man; what a hero.

The dolphins were actually about 200 metres out towards Moreton Island, so theoretically, he wasn’t with them so much as disappearing in their wake, but that’s a minor quibble.  Good on all of them.

Meanwhile, I’m off to find my togs for tomorrow morning when my first swim of summer will officially take place.  Fanfare please horn section. 



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