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August 30, 2010


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Catching up again, having been in Melbourne for the weekend (thanks Debbie and James).  There is absolutely nothing more exciting for me than taking my seat in the State Theatre in front of the beautiful red and gold curtain, waiting for it to rise on the latest Australian Ballet production.

There’s always something happening in Melbourne so I have way too many (holiday snaps) photos to choose from.  ‘Hoist’ is an installation in Federation Square and is an inter-active comment about nostalgia.  The pillow cases and sheets you see have mostly been written on by the artist but the little post-cards can be used by anybody to record childhood memories.  Hence, the Hill’s Hoist which most of us had in our backyards.

I rather liked the idea of committing memories to paper and then pegging them on the line to flutter in the breeze.


March 28, 2010

Good news!

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Tim Minchin by Sam Leach

This portrait has won the 2010 Archibald Prize.   Not being an expert in art history, I have no idea if a painting of a comedian has ever won before, but I suspect not.  It’s heartening to see a man whose comedy is defined by the artist as “social commentary … and the appeal to reason over religion” not only appearing on the wall of a prestigious art gallery but winning a chunky $50,000 for the artist.

Tim’s comment that “I particularly like how he’s made my loungeroom floor look so clean – this will please my mother” is very pertinent to those of us who spend a week desperately cleaning the house and unclogging the toilet before Mother comes to stay.  We can then greet her at the door without guilt, and pretend that the house is always immaculate.  And she can pretend to believe us.

So good on you Sam Leach.  I hope you enjoy the hard won financial benificence, and that it makes your life easier for a while.

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