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July 8, 2010

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Superb, unique, stunning, rivetting –  too many superlatives are barely enough for this company.  I went along last night to see their new production ‘of earth & sky’ and left two and a half hours later, wondering what had happened to the time.  It felt as though I had been in the theatre for barely five minutes when all the lights came on and I was being shooed out into the Brisbane winter night.

There is nothing else like Bangarra.  The dancers are exquisite, powerful and passionate.  Artistic director Stephen Page has choreographed many works for them over the last twenty years, and, with this new programme, is nurturing new choreographic talent in Daniel Riley McKinley and Frances Rings.  The music for  ‘Riley’ and ‘Artifact’  was composed by David Page,  and is an integral part of the works, unimaginable without him.  Yes I did buy the cd if it’s any of your business.

In fact everything is so original, you won’t see anything like it anywhere else.  Costumes, sets and lighting are all integral parts of the whole.

The audience, full of people under 30, got up and cheered at the end and most, like me, were most reluctant to leave.  I so regret not having visited Bangarra up until 2009, when I was dragged along by a good friend, but you can bet I will never miss an opportunity to see them again.  I suggest you do likewise.


March 24, 2010

Ah Julia Julia Julia …

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There was a lot of that going on at the Concert Hall last night where we lobbed up to see the Rockwiz take to the road.  Not only is she gorgeous and intelligent, but she’s very professional and keeps the show zipping along, coping with the more freaky contestants along the way.  It’s an entertaining show because it’s so scary.  With random members of the public up on stage and miked up, anything can happen at any moment.

I couldn’t fault anyone really – Dugald (the Housewives’ Choice), Brian Nankervis who was out in the foyer strutting his stuff before the show, revving everybody up, and the band who were funky beyond belief.  They give the impression of having seen and played everything, and I believe them.

What to wear?  I mulled this over all day.  Finally, knowing that I would be close to the oldest person there, I went for the Christmas Tree effect.  Put on as many of your most colourful clothes as you can carry,  pile all the jewelry you possess on top of that, then sashay through the foyer as if you own the place.  It worked a treat.  The crowd parted before me as if I had leprosy.  Success!

Favorite bits?  Julia’s brilliant simile ” sometimes those riffs go in one ear and out the other, like a ice-pick through Trotsky’s head”.  Graphic, but it worked for me.  Goosebump time arrived with the encore and a beautiful rendition of Tom Waits’ ‘Come On Up To The House’, worth whatever I paid for the ticket and more.

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