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June 21, 2012

On holidays

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We haven’t been on a road trip for years and I’d forgotten how relaxing it is to run away from home and drive off in random directions far away from normal adult responsibilities.  Sheer bliss, but in the age of iPad and iPhone, there is a downside.  With so much spare time and no work or domestic drudgery to fill the days, we have plenty of time to stalk Twitter, Facebook and other people’s blogs all of which usually escape our attention for months at a time.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to  apologize to everyone whose blogs I have been cluttering up with random inane comments or whose twitter feeds are  suffering from my too frequent attentions.  It won’t last much longer.  Normal cyber silence will be resumed as soon as possible.


January 4, 2012

On Inappropriate Highways

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There is a sign at the entrance to our local highway, making it clear that dogs and nude bathing are not allowed there.  Odd?  Perhaps I should explain that the highway in question is actually a beach.  That’s right, a beach where small children like to splash about in the shallows, build huge gothic castles and bury their Dads in the sand.  You’d like to think that they could play here safely without being run over by huge 4WDs driven by petrol heads who are physically unable to leave their cars for any reason.   Or have any taste in music.  Or turn the music down so that those of us who came to the beach to listen to seagulls and not AC/DC could have some peace.  Seriously, if you are sitting on the beach, wondering which end of Moreton Island is North, would you rather be approached by a dog or a Toyota Land Cruiser?  Although Land Cruisers don’t really approach, they just run you down, so let’s keep them on the M1 where they belong.

Today is Libertarian Apricot Freedom Day*

*This year, I have a First Dog on the Moon Calendar.  First Dog likes to celebrate esoteric days which are mostly ignored elsewhere in the media.  I will try to keep you informed in case you wish to celebrate some of these obscure occasions.


October 2, 2010

Spring Break in the South

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Spring daisies

To misquote L.P. Hartley in ‘The Go-Between’, “Victoria is a foreign country: they do things differently there”.  And I have the photos to prove it.  Here they are, in more or less chronological order.

In our lawns, we have weeds like bindies and bee infested clover.  In Daylesford, the lawns are swathed in daisies, the sort which you use to make daisy-chains to wreathe about the head of your beloved.  Daisies are, without doubt, one of my favorite flowers.  They are so happy to be there.  Here are some other little beauties I found growing wild about the place.

Beautifully scrambling creeper

Feral primula

Daylesford is one of the old gold-mining towns.  When the gold ran out, the miners left a dirty great hole gashed near the centre of the town.  In a remarkable bout of lateral thinking, local council decided it should be filled with water and turned into a lake.  Now it’s a beautiful place.  People, dogs and ducks frequent the banks and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views, not to mention this wonderful bookshop, where I parted with the odd dollar – or two.

Lakeside bookshop

A wonderful way to remember

Besides bookshops (my favorite was called ‘Paradise’!), there are art galleries to explore most of them situated in beautiful old buildings.


Victorian scrap metal seal

Local colour - oh wait, he seems familiar

Meanwhile, later that same week, it was AFL Grand Final Day in Melbourne and Federation Square was packed with the footy faithful watching the game on a huge screen and shouting themselves voiceless.  I was at State Theatre watching a matinee performance of Nutcracker danced the the Australian Ballet.  The grand pas in Act 2 was performed my my absolute favorite dancer, Madeleine Eastoe (see shrine above fireplace at Boyd Street) and the delightfully exuberant Cuban dancer, Yosvani Ramos.  That evening, I went to Nutcracker again (different cast), just in case I’d missed a bit.  You can’t be too careful.

Madeleine Eastoe

Pies v Saints

Inside the State Theatre for Nutcracker

So now I’m back at Bribie, where they NEVER do things differently, but there’s some comfort in that I suppose.

Now, time to open that parcel of books I had to post home because somebody bought so many that they wouldn’t fit in the suitcase.

August 2, 2010

31 Photos 31 Days

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I began yesterday, really, I did.  But then wordpress went down last night and I couldn’t put my photo for 1/8/10  in my blog.  My default response to obstacles to anything I do is to give up immediately.  This attitude has served me well in the past and got me where I am today.

BUT, this time I thought bugger it you evil wanker of a website.  I may be starting a day late but I trust this will show (my  competitiveness not that I would ever compete with a member of my family like durdlin) new maturity, a willingness to persist despite minor obstacles and all round courage under fire.

Dang – my line through technology isn’t working which has turned the previous para into gibberish so I’ve put it all in trusty ole brackets.  Dang.

Anyway, here’s the photo. Allowances should be made as I only have an iphone and also my gentleman friend refused to stop the car so it’s a little blurry.

Sunset on The Bruce

Next photo coming up any moment now.  I’ll just pop out and find it.

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