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January 3, 2011

On Heartbreaker

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We went to see this movie yesterday, having been warned that it was “a bit of fluff”.  However, being a French film, complete with subtitles, surely it would be a more substantial bit of fluff that those rom coms produced in Hollywood.  Well, not really.   Watching Romain Duras make a dick of himself offered some entertainment value as did the wonderfully detailed preparations for each scam with the ensuing complications when things inevitably went wrong.  As the leading lady, Vanessa Paradis wore some beautiful clothes very styishly but was so wooden, I expected her to take root at any moment.   Fair dinkum Johnny Depp, if you’d just waited around a few more years, you could have had me, instead of  Vanessa.  Yes she’s gorgeous and sweet and … this argument is going nowhere isn’t it.  Back to the movie.

Guess what happens in the end?  Yes, that’s right.  I wasn’t surprised either.

And I never wish to see anything involving Dirty Dancing again – Ever.


August 20, 2010


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Gold Class

Yes 19 is missing.  I lost the day, the photo and more.  So now it’s 20 in which my gentleman friend took me to see ‘Inception’ in Gold Class.  It’s an important time of year for us, of which more tomorrow.  I had a lovely time.

I loved the movie and found it much less confusing than I was led to believe, although a rewatch on dvd promises to be rewarding.  There is so much to admire in this movie, mostly to do with imagination and mind-blowing CGI.  4 stars

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