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October 23, 2010

Rage, rage – what’s it good for?

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A few nights ago, about 11pm, husband’s eyes went all weird and fluorescent and he stormed out of the house, muttering to himself.  “Ah”, I thought to myself, “He’s finally cracked and he’s off to assassinate Queensland Health and all their minions”.  I wasn’t surprised.  Lord knows I’ve listened to him threatening to do just that for over 30 years.  I calmly checked on his life insurance, and contemplated a future of peaceful global cruising incorporating a small but eclectic library.

These pleasant musings were rudely interrupted 10 minutes later when he stormed back in again  and informed me he was not going to stand for it.  Carefully keeping the sofa between him and me, I inquired further.  “Damn vandals, scrotes and toe-rags!”  he shouted in the general direction of the poodle who immediately remembered something important he had to do in another room … or another town perhaps.  When he starts reverting to ‘The Bill’ jargon, I know he’s really upset.

He shoved the local paper under my nose.  The headline leapt out at me:


They’re not happy campers at the Bribie Scout Den”

It seems a group of idiots had broken in through the security door and gone on a smashing and slashing spree.  Food supplies stored ready for an upcoming camping weekend were sprayed around the room and mindlessly destroyed, heartbreaking for those who volunteer to mentor the almost 50 children who use the den.

My husband’s immediate reaction was to rush downstairs to his computer and email the cavalry (the Bribie Gleemen) to come to the rescue.  By nightfall the next day, the troops were mobilized.  Favours were called in from the council, a programme was sorted out and the scout committee were informed that there would be a fundraising gig, and all proceeds would be donated to the scouts and don’t even think of arguing about it.

I have had reservations about the Gleemen in the past, chiefly regarding repertoire choice and singing in tune, but there’s no doubting the big hearts beating in the chests of these men.  This is by no means the first time they have raised money where they see a need.  They love to sing and if it’s for a good cause, so much the better.  So look out Bribie Island; some time in the next few weeks, the Bribie Gleeman will ride again!


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