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December 20, 2013

On Surfing at Woorim

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Hello everyone who’s coming up here for Christmas and I greet you with the news that today is the day you should have been here.  Who knows, there may be another morning as good as this next week, but you may have already missed the best.  That’s the way the rum balls roll sadly.  The signs say ‘Woorim Surf Beach’ but we all know that’s an island euphemism for ‘occasional ripples’ and we’re very grateful to have that much, but today: behold  the real waves, veritable rollers, at least a meter high.  The kiddies on boogie boards are careening into the beach, screeching with delight and doing their best to knock over their younger siblings.

But what really caught my imagination was the mysterious advice written on the lifesaver signage: “sweep North till 10.48, sweep South till 17.09”, accompanied by helpful arrows for those of us yet to come to grips with the concepts of North and South, let alone East or West.  So, if I swam out beyond the waves and floated in the water, I could drift up to the North end of Bribie Island until 10.48, when the current would reverse, and bring me back to where I started in time for afternoon tea.  What could be more delightfully unexpected that that?

Here’s hoping that the ocean offers up equally blissful delights for you on the day you come to visit.


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