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December 20, 2013

On Surfing at Woorim

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Hello everyone who’s coming up here for Christmas and I greet you with the news that today is the day you should have been here.  Who knows, there may be another morning as good as this next week, but you may have already missed the best.  That’s the way the rum balls roll sadly.  The signs say ‘Woorim Surf Beach’ but we all know that’s an island euphemism for ‘occasional ripples’ and we’re very grateful to have that much, but today: behold  the real waves, veritable rollers, at least a meter high.  The kiddies on boogie boards are careening into the beach, screeching with delight and doing their best to knock over their younger siblings.

But what really caught my imagination was the mysterious advice written on the lifesaver signage: “sweep North till 10.48, sweep South till 17.09”, accompanied by helpful arrows for those of us yet to come to grips with the concepts of North and South, let alone East or West.  So, if I swam out beyond the waves and floated in the water, I could drift up to the North end of Bribie Island until 10.48, when the current would reverse, and bring me back to where I started in time for afternoon tea.  What could be more delightfully unexpected that that?

Here’s hoping that the ocean offers up equally blissful delights for you on the day you come to visit.


December 14, 2013

On Swimming with the Dolphins

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What an absolutely beautiful morning on the beach for the first day of the school Christmas Holidays.  The sea was calm, the air was still and the water refreshingly cool but not cold.  I almost went for a swim!  

Mr KW romped in and performed his famous back-float, his toes emerging from the ripples occasionally as he drifted majestically towards the Port of Brisbane.  It was then I noticed a small pod of dolphins frisking through the water.  Mr KW had finally gone New Age and was swimming with the dolphins!  What a man; what a hero.

The dolphins were actually about 200 metres out towards Moreton Island, so theoretically, he wasn’t with them so much as disappearing in their wake, but that’s a minor quibble.  Good on all of them.

Meanwhile, I’m off to find my togs for tomorrow morning when my first swim of summer will officially take place.  Fanfare please horn section. 


December 8, 2013

On Expectations

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I’ve been going through my late mother’s box of letters, photos and other memorabilia of importance to her, with a view to organizing it all to be passed on at some time to people who are interested.  I came across this floor plan, labelled in Mum’s handwriting.

I’m fairly sure that this is the house they lived in immediately following their marriage, when Dad was working at the hospital in Ayr, North Queensland.  What interests me most is the extreme modesty of the house by today’s standards of what is suitable for a young married couple.  It looks like a dolls’ house next to the multi-bathroomed monstrosities families currently aspire to, but Mum seemed very excited about it and I’m sure she relished being domestic queen of her own little domain.  Yes I know that sounds terribly patronising and defiant of all the feminist principles, but this was post-war 1948 and I suspect the desire for peace and safety overrode everything else.

The first house Mr K and I owned was in Townsvile, clinging desperately to the lower slopes of Castle Hill.  It was also tiny but had two bedrooms, one of which the Kafkaboys shared.  The laundry was under the house where I spent a lot of time with my buckets of dirty terry towelling nappies.  This was a blessing in disguise as it was much cooler down there than upstairs and I was grateful to escape the heat for 30 minutes with a comfortable chair and a good book.  In the chaos of parenting small children, you have to grab those precious moments when you can.

December 7, 2013

On Blessing The Surf

At the beginning of every summer, there is a ceremonial blessing of the surf at Woorim Beach.  They hold it at 7.45am which explains why I have yet to be there in time to participate.  Also, I usually forget that it’s happening so it’s always a pleasant surprise when I emerge for my morning walk at about 9am to be greeted by an entirely different kind of litter to the usual bottle tops and Big Hamburger paraphernalia.


As the flowery litter becomes more abundant, it dawns on me that it’s Surf Blessing Day.  Woorim looks so beautiful having been lavishly decorated by the little beach elves.  I really must get up earlier next year.


December 1, 2013

On Growing Old Together

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“Would It Be So Wrong

by Krista Lukas

to suggest that he move
next door? I don’t want him
gone altogether, neither can I stand
him underfoot. It might be ideal
to holler over the fence,
invite him to dinner.
We’d sit together on the patio, eat
asparagus from his garden,
grilled shrimp under the setting sun,
then kiss the grease from our lips,
maybe more. After,
he’d go home
and watch basketball at full volume,
while I soak in the tub listening to Coltrane.
Then, wearing pajamas, hair uncombed,
I’d curl up in my own living
room with Robert Frost or People
and the cat, the quiet,
the light of a single lamp.”

Surely that’s not too much to ask.

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