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April 23, 2011

On The Death of a Beloved Animal

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Not long ago, Durdlin and Burfit had to say goodbye to their dearly loved cat, Doctor Octagon, known to her many friends as The Doctor. She was old and she was sick and letting her go was the right thing to do but it must have been so very, very hard to watch her leave.    

Trying to express sympathy and comfort in my usual bumbling way, I said that  she would always be with them, padding about the house, as long as they remembered her.  Upon thinking this over later, I realized I had inadvertently touched upon the truth.

I am aging fast and have always had animals in my life, domesticated and otherwise.  If you include all the  various forms of wildlife I have attempted to nurture, I am presently being followed by a veritable menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, snakes, lizards, frogs and heaven knows what else.  It’s no wonder I never feel lonely.   


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