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January 10, 2011

On Torrential Downpours

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I love this rain.  I grew up in a dustbowl and everything was always brown and dead, or at best, struggling to stay alive.  Rain signifies life to me.  The sounds, the smells and the sights of the vegetation stretching out its boughs and branches to the rain inspires  inexplicable feelings of wellbeing in my mind and body.

Too much rain, as we have in Queensland now, is a heartbreaker.  Friends who went through the 1974 floods and had the Brisbane River running through and over their homes, suffered terribly for years afterwards.  Apart from the material losses and the dreadful muddy stench which overpowered everything, there were psychological consequences.  Just the sound of rain on the roof brought on an overwhelming feeling of dread. So many people now are going through the same hell, and I feel terribly badly for them.

Here on my tiny piece of the island, the wildlife has responded in various ways.  The frogs are joyous, as you may imagine, but there a few who have had enough and have appeared in the house, obviously to escape the rain.  Weird?  You bet, but there’s no reasoning with them.  As I have no wish to see what happens when a frog meets a cat or dog in the small hours, all frogs are gently persuaded (in clean plastic containers) to go back into the garden.  You know it’s raining hard when even the frogs look for shelter.  Meanwhile, the butcher birds (2 adults, 4 chicks) seem much more hungry than usual.  Hunting is difficult when lizards, snakes and insects are holed up waiting for the sun.  I’m happy to feed them as they reward me with such beautiful singing.  I’ve also been putting out extra sun-flower seeds for the loris and rosellas, just in case their natural food sources are being depleted by the weather.  The geckoes are indulging in cuddling and tail waving, signifying amorous intentions, while all the domestic animals, including me, are looking for warm dry corners for a place to nap.  Such is life in La Ninya


January 9, 2011

On plumbing

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Okay kitchen, you’ve had your fun, we’ve all laughed uproariously at your  slapstick humour, funnier than Buster Keaton, more subtle than the Marx Brothers, now will you kindly stop exploding and flooding and generally unsettling the natives.  Your timing is impeccable.  The first flood was Christmas Eve just before a houseful of rellies were preparing to move in for Christmas. We had to turn off the filtered water so there was no ice or cold water available from fridge.  Heads have rolled for less in our family.  I think they all live on ice in summer.

Fortunately, we have a delightful plumber.  He turns up promptly and enjoys twenty minutes or so explaining that he’s never seen anything like it in his life but don’t worry, he’ll fix it.  Just have to send to Iceland for a few parts.  Eventually, later that same month, he reappeared with a very long piece of tubing and played under the sink for a few hours.  Everything was just hunky dory until this morning, I woke up to discover Trevor and the dogs frolicking gaily in the paddling pool which used to be the kitchen.  So now we’ll do it all over again.

Give me strength …

UPDATE 10/1/11 It flooded again last night.  Plumber down to final nerve ending.

January 3, 2011

On Heartbreaker

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We went to see this movie yesterday, having been warned that it was “a bit of fluff”.  However, being a French film, complete with subtitles, surely it would be a more substantial bit of fluff that those rom coms produced in Hollywood.  Well, not really.   Watching Romain Duras make a dick of himself offered some entertainment value as did the wonderfully detailed preparations for each scam with the ensuing complications when things inevitably went wrong.  As the leading lady, Vanessa Paradis wore some beautiful clothes very styishly but was so wooden, I expected her to take root at any moment.   Fair dinkum Johnny Depp, if you’d just waited around a few more years, you could have had me, instead of  Vanessa.  Yes she’s gorgeous and sweet and … this argument is going nowhere isn’t it.  Back to the movie.

Guess what happens in the end?  Yes, that’s right.  I wasn’t surprised either.

And I never wish to see anything involving Dirty Dancing again – Ever.

January 1, 2011

On New Year’s Day

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I love a new year.  There’s something profoundly comforting about putting 2010 in the bin and beginning afresh with a brand, spanking new 2011, as yet unscarred by my vices, mistakes and the little unkindnesses thoughtlessly littered through the months like autumn leaves.

Not that I have made any resolutions.  I gave up all that nonsense years ago as I routinely broke resolutions  so swiftly, so comprehensively that I was prone to spend the rest of the year in the depths of despond, endlessly contemplating my own worthlessness.  One small concession to A New Me this year will be my attempt to cut my procrastination down by at least one tenth.  Surely I can manage that.  Not much to ask you say?  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, there is much look forward to in 2011.

1.  The Wedding.  It could well turn out to be, simultaneously, the highlight and the lowlight of my year.  On one hand, I am filled with so much joy whenever I see James and Deb together.  Surely it is the dream of all parents that their children find someone to love and with whom to share their lives.  On the other hand, there will be people in my house, possibly dozens of them.  What if they snit at my appalling housekeeping or, even worse, attempt to engage me in polite conversation?  Ah well.  Could be worse I suppose.  Consider the social horror of being The Queen or PM.

2.  Graeme Murphy’s reworking of Romeo and Juliet, the ballet.  I cannot wait.  His takes on two other dinosaurs of the ballet, Swan Lake and Nutcracker, are brilliantly original and exquisitely choreographed.  He knows all about the expression of emotions through dance, and the current dancers of the Australian Ballet are well able to accept any challenges he throws at them.  AB are in a golden period at present and it’s not just the principal dancers who are so outstanding.  There is a great depth of talent, right down to the corp, so that whichever cast you see, somebody will be fabulous.

There will also be obstacles and idiocies and hurt in 2011, aren’t there always?  But I’ll worry about them another day.

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