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October 23, 2010

Rage, rage – what’s it good for?

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A few nights ago, about 11pm, husband’s eyes went all weird and fluorescent and he stormed out of the house, muttering to himself.  “Ah”, I thought to myself, “He’s finally cracked and he’s off to assassinate Queensland Health and all their minions”.  I wasn’t surprised.  Lord knows I’ve listened to him threatening to do just that for over 30 years.  I calmly checked on his life insurance, and contemplated a future of peaceful global cruising incorporating a small but eclectic library.

These pleasant musings were rudely interrupted 10 minutes later when he stormed back in again  and informed me he was not going to stand for it.  Carefully keeping the sofa between him and me, I inquired further.  “Damn vandals, scrotes and toe-rags!”  he shouted in the general direction of the poodle who immediately remembered something important he had to do in another room … or another town perhaps.  When he starts reverting to ‘The Bill’ jargon, I know he’s really upset.

He shoved the local paper under my nose.  The headline leapt out at me:


They’re not happy campers at the Bribie Scout Den”

It seems a group of idiots had broken in through the security door and gone on a smashing and slashing spree.  Food supplies stored ready for an upcoming camping weekend were sprayed around the room and mindlessly destroyed, heartbreaking for those who volunteer to mentor the almost 50 children who use the den.

My husband’s immediate reaction was to rush downstairs to his computer and email the cavalry (the Bribie Gleemen) to come to the rescue.  By nightfall the next day, the troops were mobilized.  Favours were called in from the council, a programme was sorted out and the scout committee were informed that there would be a fundraising gig, and all proceeds would be donated to the scouts and don’t even think of arguing about it.

I have had reservations about the Gleemen in the past, chiefly regarding repertoire choice and singing in tune, but there’s no doubting the big hearts beating in the chests of these men.  This is by no means the first time they have raised money where they see a need.  They love to sing and if it’s for a good cause, so much the better.  So look out Bribie Island; some time in the next few weeks, the Bribie Gleeman will ride again!


October 6, 2010

On the other hand

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despite being totally adorable (see below), it was Cherub the Elder who introduced me to the evilly addictive, time wasting and brain devouring cancer that is Drop7.  He suggested I would enjoy it, so I downloaded the app from iTunes and thought no more of it.  Then, one night while waiting for my gentleman friend, 2 cats and 2 dogs to come to bed (don’t think about that if you are eating), I thought I’d while away a few minutes with Drop7.  THREE HOURS LATER, I was still in a frenzied trance, knuckles white as I gripped my phone desperately trying to better my previous score.

Those three hours literally flew by, and I woke the next morning, in the grip of sleep deprivation and looking as though I’d been on an all night pub crawl.  I try to avoid Drop7 now as I know it will snatch away years of my life if I play too much.  Of course, a sensible addict would just delete it and remove the temptation.  I’ll let you lnow if that ever happens.

Thanks cherubs.

October 4, 2010

Cherubs and why I love them

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One night last week, I received this text from Cherub, the Elder.

“Family says no in regards to you moving to Melbourne … we can dog sit as much as you like and stay here”.

I cannot tell you how touched I was by this somewhat bossy communication.  It’s funny how family life potters on and on and you think oh yes we all love each other  I suppose but everyone’s so busy living their own life and so we try not to bother them all too much and vice versa I suppose.*

So when this little message popped up, I went all warm and gooey to think they cared where the hell we lived, and that feeling floated me through quite a few days of mundane houswifery (which I can assure you is a word because I just looked it up).  Thanks cherubs.

*  My punctuation has recently gone to hell.  I choose to believe it’s because I’m experimenting with Joycean form and ideas.

October 2, 2010

Spring Break in the South

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Spring daisies

To misquote L.P. Hartley in ‘The Go-Between’, “Victoria is a foreign country: they do things differently there”.  And I have the photos to prove it.  Here they are, in more or less chronological order.

In our lawns, we have weeds like bindies and bee infested clover.  In Daylesford, the lawns are swathed in daisies, the sort which you use to make daisy-chains to wreathe about the head of your beloved.  Daisies are, without doubt, one of my favorite flowers.  They are so happy to be there.  Here are some other little beauties I found growing wild about the place.

Beautifully scrambling creeper

Feral primula

Daylesford is one of the old gold-mining towns.  When the gold ran out, the miners left a dirty great hole gashed near the centre of the town.  In a remarkable bout of lateral thinking, local council decided it should be filled with water and turned into a lake.  Now it’s a beautiful place.  People, dogs and ducks frequent the banks and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views, not to mention this wonderful bookshop, where I parted with the odd dollar – or two.

Lakeside bookshop

A wonderful way to remember

Besides bookshops (my favorite was called ‘Paradise’!), there are art galleries to explore most of them situated in beautiful old buildings.


Victorian scrap metal seal

Local colour - oh wait, he seems familiar

Meanwhile, later that same week, it was AFL Grand Final Day in Melbourne and Federation Square was packed with the footy faithful watching the game on a huge screen and shouting themselves voiceless.  I was at State Theatre watching a matinee performance of Nutcracker danced the the Australian Ballet.  The grand pas in Act 2 was performed my my absolute favorite dancer, Madeleine Eastoe (see shrine above fireplace at Boyd Street) and the delightfully exuberant Cuban dancer, Yosvani Ramos.  That evening, I went to Nutcracker again (different cast), just in case I’d missed a bit.  You can’t be too careful.

Madeleine Eastoe

Pies v Saints

Inside the State Theatre for Nutcracker

So now I’m back at Bribie, where they NEVER do things differently, but there’s some comfort in that I suppose.

Now, time to open that parcel of books I had to post home because somebody bought so many that they wouldn’t fit in the suitcase.

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