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September 1, 2010

‘Tis The Season

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Hooray, it’s spring when we all frolic and frisk and fa lalalala hello clouds hello sky lambs run around in circles and some women spring clean.  What’s your favorite season?

My answer depends on where I’m living at the time.  In Queensland, we don’t really have four seasons; there’s summer, which goes on forever, and then perhaps a few weeks when it’s cold enough to snuggle up under many blankets in bed.  Spring in Queensland is nothing but a harbinger of another endless, hot, humid and sweaty summer; a time of eternally frizzy hair and underwear that always seems too tight.  Don’t bother getting excited about clothes or shoes, it’s too damn hot to wear much.  Oh, did I say summer shits me?  Maybe you guessed.

So the best season in Queensland is what passes for autumn.  Finally, it’s safe to turn off the air-conditioner.

Living almost anywhere else, in more temperate climes, spring is queen because winter has been hard and really cold.  Trees which have been skeletons for months, are covered in buds which will become leafy green lushness and fragrant flowers.  The breeze, instead of smelling of wood-smoke (although that’s special too) starts to waft the scent of jasmine over the suburbs.  Spring bulbs pop up unexpectedly all over the place.  It’s wonderful.

Then there’s autumn when the leaves change colour and eventually carpet the parks and gardens.  The world looks, feels and smells different.  People say that Queensland weather is the best in the world.  I say bollocks to that.  Our weather may be perfect but lordy it is boring and ennervating and tedious and makes people mad so that they murder their families every Christmas.  We all go troppo here for months on end and everyone pretends it’s glorious and life-enhancing.  Nup.  It’s melanoma wrapped up in pretty paper.

So that’s why I am going to Victoria for two weeks, to bask in the beauty of a real spring before coming back here to climate hell and 8 months of trying not to get into any summer induced fights with my long-suffering nearest and dearest.  I promise you all that one day, when my gentleman friend’s gold lotto ticket finally wins 4 million, we will spend summer in Tasmania and winter in Queensland and overnight I will become adorable and nice to be near.  Promise.


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