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August 31, 2010


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Mostly petunias

It’s the last day of winter.  To celebrate the arrival of spring tomorrow, Here’s a photo of how our garden operates during the warmer months.

The petunia seedlings were planted but, as usual, we badly underestimated how far they would spread.  Consequently, the basil, which self-seeds wherever it pleases, has had to fight its way through the foliage to reach the open air where it is now flowering vigorously.  You can see it in the upper right quadrant.  This is why we will never be in control of the garden or any of its inhabitants.

According to ancient Vincent folklore, one of Trevor’s ancestors did pull a weed out of a garden bed in the 17th century, but this act of botanical treachery caused him so much angst that he wasted away and died of a broken heart.  No Vincent has ever attempted  it since.


August 30, 2010


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Pretty colours

I try to be minimalist – really I do.  I like to paint everything in Icehouse: Icehouse White, Icehouse Blue, all as tasteful as can be, but then something comes over me and some random corner of the house will burst into colourful anarchy … like this rug which hangs over the back of a couch.

There’s no doubt about it, neutral colours are terribly terribly restful but a splash of vivid senseless colour here and there is so cheerful.


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Breakfast down an Alley

One of the joys of visiting Melbourne is wandering around the narrow alleys of the city where dozens of holes in the wall have been transformed into shops, cafes and restaurants.  We staggered in about 11.30 and were greeted with “Two for breakfast?”.  None of this nonsense about breakfast finishing at 10am.

Although a couple who turned up at about 11.55 ran into trouble when they enquired about lunch.  The waiter was very polite but you could tell he was thinking “Lunch??  At this hour on a Sunday??  Where on earth are these people from??  Come back about 4pm”.

Melbourne is my kind of town.


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Catching up again, having been in Melbourne for the weekend (thanks Debbie and James).  There is absolutely nothing more exciting for me than taking my seat in the State Theatre in front of the beautiful red and gold curtain, waiting for it to rise on the latest Australian Ballet production.

There’s always something happening in Melbourne so I have way too many (holiday snaps) photos to choose from.  ‘Hoist’ is an installation in Federation Square and is an inter-active comment about nostalgia.  The pillow cases and sheets you see have mostly been written on by the artist but the little post-cards can be used by anybody to record childhood memories.  Hence, the Hill’s Hoist which most of us had in our backyards.

I rather liked the idea of committing memories to paper and then pegging them on the line to flutter in the breeze.

August 27, 2010


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Stunning grevillea

I spent far too much time in the garden today, taking photos of spring preparing to burgeon all over the place.

This was the one I liked best.

August 26, 2010


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This wheelchair was not for the weak and sickly.  By the time you steer, turn the wheel handle thingy and breathe, all at the same time, you’d be better off in a sedan chair really.

August 25, 2010


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Happy violas

As spring approaches, there is so much happening in the garden that it’s difficult to keep up.  One of my favorites is these tiny violas which smile back at me whenever I look at them, and they continue to flower for weeks.  Like most plants in our garden, they thrive on benign neglect although I do suspect they are terrible gossips.  Sometimes I hear tiny chattering voices admonishing me for my taste in tracksuit pants – but that must be my imagination, surely …

August 24, 2010


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The Pile

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  My favorite book blogger dovegreyreaderscribbles, sets herself a task every year – to read the entire long list of the Man Booker Prize so that she has an informed opinion about the eventual winner.

I really enjoyed some of the books from last year, particularly ‘Wolf Hall’ which won in 2009, so I thought I’d follow in Lynne’s footsteps.  I quickly found out that the most enjoyable part of this project is buying the books.  Hours of my day were whiled away in various on-line bookshops but then the books began to arrive.  To be confronted by that TBR pile every day is quite confronting and I can’t quite seem to get started.

Today this ends.  Having confessed my sins to the blogosphere, I’m about to close my eyes and dive in.  Heaven knows my tenacity needs lots of work.

August 23, 2010


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Stephanotis floribunda is one of those plants which used to be everywhere  but is not nearly as popular anymore.  Goodness knows why.  It is a well-behaved creeper with gloriously scented white flowers, but the flower isn’t what interests me so much.

The seedpod is the size of a large avocado and takes months to dry out and release the seeds, each of which wears a luxuriant feathery tutu which allows it take flight on the slightest breeze.  Looking closely at the seedpod, you can see small black and orange beetles.  I have no idea what they are up to, but I’ve never seen them anywhere else.  Intriguing to say the least.

August 22, 2010


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Winter Frangipani

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