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July 29, 2010

Serendipitous Triple Treat Synchronicities

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Bad things always come in threes.  I hate that.  Something bad happens, and I spend the next few days waiting for numbers 2 and 3.  Even if 2 and 3 never arrive, number 1 has spoiled the joy.  But wait!! I’m now noticing that good stuff also comes in threes.  Here’s the latest example.

Yesterday, I was over at Karli’s blog Life Like Lola and she had put up a video of Megan Washington singing How to Tame Lions.  Having recently struggled to reach the wrong side of 60, I consider myself an old boiler without the commitment to trail through endless Triple J programming waiting for one good song.  I rely on people half my age and younger to guide me along the paths to noughties musical enlightenment.  Needless to say, I had never heard of Ms Washington and her magic ballads.   She is such a beautiful young woman, and has allowed an artist with a gorgeous imagination to scribble all over her video.  Thanks for sharing Karli.

It occurred to me that I should write down ‘M Washington’ somewhere in case I went to a music shop where I am routinely unable to remember the names of any musicians whose cds I want to purchase.  I didn’t write anything down of course, and that would have been the end of the relationship EXCEPT  THAT last night, there she was on Spicks and Specks, and this morning, there she was in the Courier Mail!  Now I can recall her name without too much trouble at all.  The universe, in its wisdom, has hit my senility for six with the triple whammy.  Thank you universe.  It all helps.

I don’t think I’ll bother to count the downs in my life any more – far too depressing – but when something makes me smile, I intend to start; one ….two ….three ….


July 17, 2010

A Small Suburban Tragedy

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It was about 9pm when an anguished cry rang out across the sleepy seaside suburb of Woorim

“A newfie’s taken my brownieeeeeeeeeeee”.

Now if you look at that face up in the left hand corner, you will see that Martha, the dog in question, is totally angelic and incapable of stealing.  That’s what she’d like you to believe, and that’s why I will no doubt be appearing on the front page of the tabloids tomorrow, accused of unjustly blaming my adorable furry friend of scoffing down a brownie when in fact, I did it myself.  I shouldn’t be surprised if a jury of my peers finds me guilty of this perfidy, and bangs me up in some god-forsaken gaol for three years.  

But now look to your right.  This is a photo I took today when she wasn’t expecting it.  Obviously, I caught her in the very act of plotting her next evil crime (which she will of course blame on me) and if that isn’t a face of cunning dodginess, I don’t know what is.  You can almost hear the satanic cackling as she hunts down the next snack, foolishly left on a coffee table within her reach.

So hear this Martha.  I am on to you and if my afternoon tea brownie is not exactly where I left it a few minutes ago, I will be calling the cops and you will be living on bread and water for the rest of your natural.

Do we understand each other?

July 9, 2010

Addendum – Bangarra

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I just received this email and could not resist putting up the beautiful photo from ‘Riley’.  Watch the doco on Sunday if you’re interested.  I’ll be recording it as I will be interstate this weekend – again.  What a good time I’ve had, tripping around the country, popping in and out of art galleries and theatres.

Many many thanks to James and Debbie, who have been dog and cat sitting for us for no reward apart from the occasional punnet of strawberries and a lot of unsightly dog hair.

July 8, 2010

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Superb, unique, stunning, rivetting –  too many superlatives are barely enough for this company.  I went along last night to see their new production ‘of earth & sky’ and left two and a half hours later, wondering what had happened to the time.  It felt as though I had been in the theatre for barely five minutes when all the lights came on and I was being shooed out into the Brisbane winter night.

There is nothing else like Bangarra.  The dancers are exquisite, powerful and passionate.  Artistic director Stephen Page has choreographed many works for them over the last twenty years, and, with this new programme, is nurturing new choreographic talent in Daniel Riley McKinley and Frances Rings.  The music for  ‘Riley’ and ‘Artifact’  was composed by David Page,  and is an integral part of the works, unimaginable without him.  Yes I did buy the cd if it’s any of your business.

In fact everything is so original, you won’t see anything like it anywhere else.  Costumes, sets and lighting are all integral parts of the whole.

The audience, full of people under 30, got up and cheered at the end and most, like me, were most reluctant to leave.  I so regret not having visited Bangarra up until 2009, when I was dragged along by a good friend, but you can bet I will never miss an opportunity to see them again.  I suggest you do likewise.

July 1, 2010

Living With Men

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We have two types of dirty clothes baskets (baskets for dirty clothes, not dirty baskets) in this house.  There is a real one in the bathroom, handily placed so that when you take off your clothes at the end of the day, you can put them straight in.  No problems, no need to think, no need to go off into the cold night and hunt for the washing machine;  and the next day, one of the many little elves who live here will wash, dry, fold and return said clothes into the correct drawer.  Before you ask, no, we elves never iron.  Ironing affects us adversely and turns us into bad tempered trolls and viragos.

The second type is a virtual dirty clothes basket, visible only to men.  The virtual baskets are absolutely everywhere, scattered randomly about the house.  There are at least five in every room so that a man, tired after a long day on the couch watching the telly, can disrobe all over the house and know his dirty laundry will be safely stored for the elves to find next morning.  The photo on the right is an example of the virtual basket situated on one of the chairs at the kitchen counter.  Tastefully placed isn’t it. And such a joy to see first thing in the morning.  Sigh.

Next time you come to visit, I can take you on a guided tour of all the other invisible laundry baskets in the house.  Bet you just can’t wait.

Winter Sun

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Winter sunlight is totally different from summer light, especially in the late afternoon.   As the sun drops down towards the horizon, it casts a golden glow over everything and the landscape gleams.  As you can see, I’m not a skilled photographer like durdlin, especially not with my trusty iPhone, but perhaps you can glimpse the effect.  Anyway, you only have to look out your own back door to see the same sort of thing.

This little grey butcher bird is one of three who own our little corner of Woorim.  There are two adults, male and female, and their  latest chick who has recently moulted, shedding muddy coloured brown feathers for the smart white, black and grey adult plumage.

They are in charge of anything which happens in the garden and, on this occasion, I received endless advice about framing and focussing from this beautiful boy.  He would have done it all differently of course.  Perhaps I will eventually get the hang of it.

Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful winter afternoons.  They won’t be here for very long.

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