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April 19, 2010

The LNP’s Big New Idea

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Actually they’ve had two lately, both involving Bribie Island and our very marginal  federal seat of Longman.

Firstly, in an electorate with the oldest demographic in the country, they have pre-selected a 19 year old university student.  This has not been warmly received.  University students are regarded with great suspicion in what used to be a solid One Nation seat.  Everyone knows they are all communist stooges and their uncles operate people smuggling scams in Indonesia.  Well done boys.

Next, a proposal to build a desalination plant in what is ostensibly a protected Wildlife and Marine Park.  What are these people on, I mean really.  Longman is winnable, there for the taking if the big boys at LNP head office use just a little common sense and appeal to the majority demographic.  And yet their proposal, under the laughable heading “listening to Bribie Island’s residents” patronizingly informs us that “The tunnels (intake and outtake) are located metres under the ocean’s surface and will not be visible once they are built”.  Oh that’s alright then.  As long as we can’t see them, never mind what is being pumped back into the ocean in a Marine Park.  We may be old codgers, but we’re not idiots.  Wish we could say the same for the LNP.


April 18, 2010

Full of Life

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Dorothy Porter was a writer, a poet whose work was full of life’s joy, beauty and despair.  In 2004, she was hit with the poison arrow of breast cancer, to which she finally succumbed four years later. She was only 54.  This tiny jewel of a book was published in March this year and I recommend it unreservedly.  It is written with the unalloyed passion of a woman with death sitting on her shoulder, reviewing every word she writes.

“I wonder if some of the most deeply passionate experiences of my life have happened between the cover of a book”.

She goes on to give examples of her reading covering writers from Sappho to Peter Singer to illustrate the objects of her passion: music, religion, erotic love, food, animals.  It’s enough to make a try-hard reader like myself feel totally inadequate, but what an excellent list of further reading I have now.  Included are excerpts from poems, her own and others which linger in the mind.

“Day in, day out

I hunger and
I struggle”

Thus, a scrap of Sappho calling from thousands of years ago, encapsulating the daily grind of human existence.  There is more, much more.  Read it for yourself and warm your soul at the fiercely burning fires of Dorothy Porter’s searing parting words.  Anyone is most welcome to borrow my copy.

This book is part of a series which includes many interesting Australian writers covering topics including humbug (Robert Dessaix), indignation (Don Watson), rage  (Germaine Greer) and obsession (Malcolm Knox).  Well worth collecting I should think.

April 9, 2010

Plus sa change …

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I don’t think that’s quite the correct quote, but who’s counting.  I was listening to ABCFM today, to soothe the troubled nerves, when I heard about an opera written by Mr Bartok.  The plot was that a young man fell in love with a beautiful princess.  Unfortunately for him, she didn’t notice that he was alive and could care less.  Whereupon, he made a wooden puppet of himself and, believe it or not, she fell in love with — THE PUPPET!!  Yes people, she ignored the beautiful, passionate adoring and (most importantly) alive  young man, and pined away for love of a wooden doll.  Really ladies, isn’t it time we all gave up on that sort of nonsense?  Falling in love with unattainable fantasies when there are real men about just wastes everybody’s time.

That being said, I reserve the right to continue in my fantasy relationships with Tom Yorke, Tony Jones, Jonathon Thurston, Shaun Micallef, Daniel Gaudiello, John Simm, Jonny Depp  …  goodness, there do seem to be rather a lot of them don’t there.  No wonder I can’t get the filing up to date; and I’m afraid there are even more who prefer to remain anonymous.  I seem to have shot myself in the foot, hoist myself on my own petard and made a dick of myself.  Plus sa change …

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